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2022-09-02 19:31:44 By : Mr. Williams Liu

A new leak claims to show some of the internal components Apple will use in its iPhone 6. The photos, which were published by French blog (via MacRumors), show iPhone parts that seem larger than those in the iPhone 5s —adding to rumors that Apple's next smartphone will come with a bigger screen. editor Steve Hemmerstoffer claims that he recieved these photos from a trusted source.

Take a look at the iPhone 6's alleged circuit board compared to that of the iPhone 5s. The most noticeable difference appears to be its size and the placement of certain components.

As MacRumors points out, the piece that extends across what would be the top of the iPhone 6 is longer than that of the Phone 5s. An even more interesting observation, however, is that the screw holes on the board seem to line up with those we've seen in previous leaks of the iPhone 6's rear shell, as MacRumors also notes. 

Here's an image showing the newly leaked logic board for the iPhone 6 over a previous leak of the phone's rear casing.

This purported source also told Hemmerstoffer that the iPhone 6 could come with Near Field Communication Support (NFC), which means you would be able to share content and perform certain tasks by simply tapping the back of your iPhone against another surface.

However, the addition of NFC seems unlikely. Apple has been rumored to add NFC to its iPhone for years, but still has yet to do so. If the iPhone 6 does come with NFC, it'll likely be tied with some sort of new mobile payments feature.

Over the past few months, rumors have suggested that Apple is preparing to dig deeper into the mobile payments space. According to 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman, emphasizing mobile payments is part of Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts' new three-point plan for the future of the company's retail sector.

A previous report from VentureBeat also suggested that Apple will include NFC in its next iPhone. According to VentureBeat, NFC was supposed to be built into the iPhone 5s, but Apple passed on it since the mobile payment landscape wasn't mature enough yet. 

Apple is expected to release two new iPhones this year — one with a 4.7-inch screen and another with a larger 5.5-inch display. The 4.7-inch version is believed to be Apple's flagship successor to the iPhone 5s. Other than a larger screen, Apple's next major smartphone could come with a new processor that may offer more battery life and improved performance.

We also may see an improved camera that comes with optical image stabilization, which means it'll be easier to take photos and shoot videos while moving. Apple is expected to unveil its new iPhone in September. 

Be sure to check out for the full story and more photos. MacRumors also has a nicely annotated image of the leaked circuit board labeling all of its components here.